About Séla



Séla, simply means “rock” and was the name of the capital city of Edom that was situated in the great valley extending from the Dead Sea to the Red Sea in the ancient world. Séla also appears in later history and in the Vulgate under the name of Petra.  

Inspired by both the ancient city of Jordan and ancient skincare formulas from all corners of the globe, Séla is a brand that combines a unique French formula with ancient minerals from nature, including the Mineral Gold Range inspired by Cleopatra, Pearl Rice Range from Japan and China and Blue Secret from Geothermal water destinations. The Séla skincare range brings age-old beauty secrets together with modern natural science to create products that deliver immediate and long-lasting results.

Paraben-fee, and made with pure mineral water from France, Séla provides luxurious skincare products that tap into the healing properties of precious natural minerals. From sources such as nutrient-rich salts and mud from the Dead Sea in Jordan, as well as the rejuvenating properties of nutrient-rich waters from France, restoring skin to a beautifully balanced, healthy and youthful condition.

 Specialising in care for varying skin types. Séla does not only use natural sources from the Dead Sea but works with a diverse offering of specially selected ingredients and plant extracts from nature throughout the range, from; Seaweed, Mother of Pearl, Caviar, Alpine Rice, Argan Oil, and Sweet Almond Oil. Each coming with it's own special benefit, for products that offer the perfect solution to your individual skincare needs. 

Séla offers a comprehensive range of unique products and formulations for the face, body and hair that target all primary skin and hair concerns for the consumer and practicing beauty professionals. Collections can be explored below;


OUR PRODUCTS – The power to be unique

Séla offers a comprehensive range of unique products and formulations for the face, body and hair that target all primary skin concerns for the consumer, as well as skin care professionals.

Our core – Ancient Minerals 

The precious and essential minerals from the Dead Sea and nature have the powerful healing and nourishing properties to improve overall well being.

Our value –Young 

Séla is relentlessly committed to developing potent and extraordinary anti-aging skincare for all skin types.

Mineral Gold 

The jewel symbol represents the perfect and seamless sequence of healthy and youthful skin cells. MINERAL GOLD is a luxurious, anti-aging and energizing treatment. 

Pearl Rice 

The symbol represents skin glow. PEARL RICE reveals the natural glow of a flawless complexion, using a formula consisting of the most effective anti- oxidant rice extracts that bring about skin illumination.

Blue Secret 

The beautiful winding curve represents the purity of nutrient-rich seawater. BLUE SECRET provides the most impressive and immediate results for a youthful appearance.

Instant perfection 

A skin treasure box that includes the most cutting-edge technology and precious elixir from mother nature. Specifically designed for the unique you, to solve a variety of skin ailments.

Body Glow

A holistic sign indicating that the body requires targeted attention and treatment to maintain the skin in optimum condition and allow you to indulge in a relaxing sensation to reveal natural beautiful skin.

Mineral Professional Hair Care 

The inner borderless circle symbolizes the effortless hair. Nourish, repair and additional protection for the perfect hair. MINERAL PROFESSIONAL HAIR gives you enchanting self-confidence.

*  Séla is owed & managed by Proseed General Trading LLC (Head Office based in Dubai) and Levant Resources Limited (Asia office based in Hong Kong.)