About Séla & Products

Where are Séla products made from?


What makes our products so special?

Séla products combines a unique French formula with Dead Sea minerals from Jordan, precious ingredients from mother nature and the rejuvenating properties of nutrient-rich water from France helps to restore skin to a beautifully balanced , healthy and youthful condition.  Our products do not contain harsh ingredient which are skin cell-friendly.  Also, thank you to Séla’s beautiful and outstanding brand image & packaging which are unique in the market. 

What skin/type age range suitable to use Séla products?

All skin types. Séla products unisex products. Ages between 16 to 55 are suitable to use Séla products.

Are Séla products tested on animals?

Séla products do not test on animals.

Why are minerals so healthy for the skin?

Minerals provide the syntax for the skin's natural language, enabling inter-cellular messaging and helping the skin to better perform its metabolic functions and retain and deliver moisture where necessary. Vital to the skin's healthy function are magnesium, calcium, potassium and sodium, which attract and retain water and are therefore considered to be Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF).

What range would you recommend for uneven skin tone/pigmentation?

Pearl Rice

What range would you recommend for mature, saggy skin?

Mineral Gold

What range would you recommend for pre-mature or normal sensitive skin?

Blue Secret

What does the unique formula of Gold, Hyaluronic Acid and Caviar together achieve?

Lifts, glows, plumps, strengthens natural collagen and elastin, firm, lift, tone, radiates to revel youth

What are the key ingredients in our skincare range?

Mineral Gold - Gold, Caviar

Pearl Rice - Rice, Swiss Alpine

Blue Secret - Algae, Geothermal Water

Instant Perfection - Herbal Extracts

Are your products safe for pregnant women and babies?

Séla cannot recommend our products for use on pregnant women and children. Séla products contain only approved and authorized ingredients however all testing have been done on adult skin.

What dual action product would you suggest if your client wants to wear make-up after her facial?

Explain it would be better without makeup straight after the facial or to use Pearl Rice Radiant Face & Neck Booster under her make-up as base to protect skin after facial

What product contains Beeswax and benefit?

Pearl Rice Radiant Gentle Exfoliator.  Beeswax is healing, softens the skin, cleansing, therapeutic, deeply moisturizing, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and acts as a barrier for dry skin

Which Séla product contains 98% organic ingredients?

Blue Secret Soothing Cleansing Milk

What is NMF?

Natural Moisturizing Factor

About Referral Program and Other Promotions

How does your referral program work?

Once you sign up for an account at selaminerals.com , you will be able to start sending your unique referral link to your friends via email/Facebook/Instagram. When your friend signs up for an account via this link, they will be awarded with a 10% credit which they can use on their first purchase of over US$10. Once your friend's purchase is successful, we will then review the transaction for any unusual activities and credit US$10 into your account.

Can I apply a 10% referral code or other promo code to sale items?

No, there is no further discount applied to sale items

Can I use more than 1 promotion codes on the single purchase?

No, all discounts cannot be combined and valid on regularly priced items only.